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Women in STEM Leadership Program

Diverse voices and backgrounds strengthen scientific research and discovery.

This program is designed for STEM professionals eager to become agents of change to help shift the culture in their fields.

Women and other underrepresented groups make up a fraction of the STEM workforce in the United States, despite recent progress to increase diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. These groups represent an untapped talent pool. 

This program offers a safe space for participants to construct or strengthen their leadership identities, and to join a community of professionals. Through the Women in STEM Leadership Program, women and other underrepresented groups in STEM will be empowered to excel in their careers, rise to influence and decision-making positions, and foster more diversity, equity and inclusion in their fields. 

When everyone has a seat at the table - or the bench - science and the world benefit. 

Online Programming & Networking

the program consists of Live Virtual programs and additional asynchronous online work.

Expand your professional network

Participants join a highly engaged, diverse, and interdisciplinary network of professionals. Together, they explore ways to support each other and promote inclusion in their fields, continue developing their leadership styles, and create the changes they want to see in their organizations, fields, and the world. They will also have the chance to meet and engage with past participants of the program, joining a growing community of like-minded individuals.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop ideas and proposals for personal empowerment projects, which may be funded and implemented to further advance inclusionary efforts in science and research.  

The network is active on LinkedIn. 

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Advance your Leadership Journey

Foster Change Through Empowerment Projects

Participants who successfully complete all three two-part sessions and asynchronous work may choose to advance their professional development, and take additional steps to support inclusion in STEM fields. 

Individually or in small groups, participants will be invited to draft proposals that could create change in their organization, community, or field. Fellows will receive support in developing projects of their own design. Projects could include - but are not limited to - creating outreach programs for local high schools, establishing professional groups within an organization, or other initiatives. A select number of ideas will receive funding for implementation.

After pitching their ideas, a select number will be funded and Alda Center staff will provide additional support for project implementation.


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Alix Dehayem, program coordinator

The Alda Center gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Ann and Andrew Tisch for this program.