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Science Communication Graduate Certificate

Earn an extra credential and jump-start your scientific career 

This 12-credit program is available only to Stony Brook graduate students

It is offered in collaboration with the Alda Center for Communicating Science, the national leader in science communication.

Connect evidence-based communication strategies to your science

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This program is designed to complement other graduate work at Stony Brook.

Interested in a standalone science communication program? Explore our Master of Science in Science Communication program.

In the certificate program, you will :

  • Receive hands-on skills training to combine your deep subject-matter knowledge with evidence-based communication practices
  • Prepare yourself to engage in audience-centered science communication that is meaningful, relatable and upholds scientific integrity
  • Learn to share scientific discoveries in ways that resonate with diverse audiences
  • Design targeted messaging that responds to the needs, values and cultures of an audience
  • Support diversity and inclusion through written and verbal communication

You'll get to work with an interdisciplinary team of faculty researchers and practitioners to explore the science of effective communication and hone your skills through hands-on experiences.

Most of the program may be completed online. The foundational course must be completed in person.

Course Offerings

Required Courses 

6 credits

Foundations of Science Communication - COM 565

Project Work in Science Communication - COM 599


6 credits

Communicating Science to Decision-Makers - COM 522

Building and Assessing Communication Strategies - COM 526

Communicating your Science using Digital Media - COM 534

Mobile Podcasting - JRN 545

Climate Communication - COM 550

Principles of Inclusive Engagement - COM 583

Communicating Science and Health Risks to the Public - COM 585

Environmental Communication - COM 605