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female student in the production studio control roomThe Stony Brook University School of Communication & Journalism is a young school full of energy, bristling with ideas, keenly strategic, and deeply aware of the growing need for thoughtful, engaging, and accurate communication and reliable, courageous journalism.

An academic component of a major public research university and a SUNY flagship institution, SoCJ has a close partnership with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, the nation’s leading science communication organization. Together, the SoCJ and the Center combine the best of academia—advanced education, research and scholarship, and community engagement—with specialized excellence in training professionals in science communication.

This is an unusually powerful and exceptional combination, full of remarkable possibilities. SoCJ and the Alda Center stand securely at the intersection of communication, science, technology, and health and medicine. From this position, they are uniquely able and prepared to help society address the great opportunities and challenges of this intersection.

Our Mission

The School of Communication & Journalism of Stony Brook University educates the next generations of communication, journalism, and media leaders, practitioners, scholars, and professionals. It supports and integrates effective science and health communication research and practice and explores, clarifies, and strengthens the role of engaged communication in society.

female student speaks into a microphone in front of a TV camera

Strategic Priority 1

Establish a leadership position as a foremost school of communication and journalism with a special focus on science and health communication

SoCJ has unparalleled strategic opportunities and demonstrated commitment to become a global leader in science and health communication education and research. It will grow in scale, influence, and regard by expanding its academic strengths and deepening its connections with other Stony Brook academic units. It will appoint outstanding faculty; develop new programs, degrees, and certificates; explore new modes of pedagogical delivery; and enlarge the Alda Center’s public facing professional development programs.

faculty member lectures in a computer lab

Strategic Priority 2

Become a recognized leader in linking communication research with practice

As communication modes and audiences continue to evolve, it is critically important to better understand how communication and journalism operate in increasingly complex and challenging contexts. GIven changes in how people produce and consume media, combined with existential problems facing the globe - in science and health, in preventing and adapting to a changing climate, in democracy and leadership - linking communication with research is of particular importance.

rendering of a triangle-shaped building on Governors Island

Strategic Priority 3

Enhance the understanding, appreciation, and importance of sound science and health communication worldwide

Recognition of the importance of engaging with public audiences through accurate and effective science and health communication is growing as is awareness of the relevance and impact of science and health research. At the same time, miscommunication and disinformation about science and health are on the rise. Enhanced capacity in science and health communication education, research, training, and outreach is essential to meet these needs.

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Strategic Priority 4

build an innovative infrastructure and a robust financial architecture that enables strategic growth and powerful societal impact

SoCJ is deeply committed to thoughtful, strategic, and entrepreneurial growth, buttressed by exceptional academic leadership; an outstanding, collegial, and diverse community of faculty, students, and staff; and a sound financial foundation. The pace of its growth will be limited only by its imagination, energy, and focus. And its achievements and influences will only be enhanced and stimulated by its successes and new opportunities.

Read Shaping Futures: A Bold Strategic Plan

With Gratitude

Alan Alda and Laura Lindenfeld laughingThe School of Communication and Journalism is grateful to the University leadership, our faculty and staff, and our external constituents for their support and input on this plan.

We are also grateful to AKA Strategy.

Our Stakeholders

Stony Brook University Leadership

Maurie McInnis, President

Carl Lejuez, Provost

Judith Brown Clarke, Vice President for Equity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer

Justin Fincher, Vice President for Advancement, Executive Director of the Stony Brook Foundation



SoCJ & Alda Center Leadership

Christina Anselmo, Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration; Diversity Liaison; Title IX Deputy

Brenda Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Practice; Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Graduate Program Director

Lori Kie, Communications Director

Nicole Leavey, Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships, Alda Center

Irene Virag, Assistant Professor of Practice; Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Undergraduate Program Director

Faculty & Staff

Jeremy Allen, Adjunct Lecturer

Phil Altiere, Production Supervisor and Broadcast Engineer

Stefanie Ambrosio Mullady, Academic Programs Coordinator

Jonathan Anzalone, Assistant Professor of Practice; Assistant Director, Center for News Literacy

Sarah Baxter, Director, Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting; Visiting Professor

Elizabeth Bojsza, Assistant Professor of Practice

Dina Brennan, Senior Workshops Coordinator

Eric Brodsky, Recruitment & Outreach Specialist

Alix Dehayem, Coordinator, Women in STEM Leadership Program

Lydia Franco-Hodges, Assistant Professor of Practice

Radha Ganesan, Assistant Professor of Practice

Christine Gilbert, Assistant Professor

George Giokas, Adjunct Lecturer

Charles Haddad, Associate Professor

Carla Jablonski, Adjunct Lecturer

Ruobing Li, Assistant Professor

Wenbo Li, Assistant Professor

Nancee Moes, Assistant Professor of Practice

Susmita Pati, Professor of Pediatrics

Lisa Pfeifer, Staff Assistant

Joshua Rice, Assistant Professor of Practice

Richard Ricioppo, Assistant Professor of Practice

Maureen Robinson, Staff Assistant

Jonathan Sanders, Associate Professor

Howard Schneider, Professor

Kimberly Stauffer, Assistant Professor of Practice

Xia Zheng, Assistant Professor


Janet Chow

Sydney Corwin

Timothy Giorlando

Christine Kelley

Anastasia Poulos


Bibiana Campos Siejo, Editor; Publisher; Media Executive

Anthony Dudo, Partner/Leader in Science Communication, UT Austin

Mike Dukmejian, Key Advisor, Loeb Enterprises

Mary Woolley, Partner/Leader in Science Communication, Research!America