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Ellice I. A. Wallace

Science Communication Specialist

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Ellice PeckEllice joined the Alda Center team full time in 2022. She is among the first graduates of Stony Brook’s Master in Science in Science Communication, and has run her own science communication business and blog since 2015.

As the science communication specialist, Ellice manages and leads The Link, the Center’s science communication research to practice platform. As a graduate student, Ellice played a central role in helping to develop and build the platform, which aims to connect researchers, trainers, and others interested in science communication to the field’s latest developments.

Ellice has a particular interest in sharing the beauty of science through compelling visuals. On her own platform, The Neuro Aesthetic, Ellice combines her interest and background in neuroscience with her interest in aesthetics, to engage others in the field and its beauty. The blog, and a science tutoring business, helped her develop her understanding of and interest in a career in science communication, even before the Stony Brook science communication program launched.