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Bachelor of Arts

Communication shapes how we see the world, what we value in one another, and how we work together.

It’s how we build and reinforce culture and plan for the future. 

It's how we relate to each other as individuals in our careers and our communities.

With a BA in Communication, you’ll gain skills and learn strategies that transfer easily to personal, professional, and public settings. You’ll conduct social science research to find out what communication works and why - and try your hand at applying what you’ve discovered.

Life After Graduation 

Once you've earned your degree, you'll be ready to

Begin a successful career in business, content creation, marketing, law, public policy and government - among other fields, or to pursue an advanced degree

In the program, you'll 

  • Understand the history, content, use, and effects of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Learn to conduct original social science research, and evaluate and apply others' research  
  • Gain expertise in communication that will set you up for success at work, in your community, and beyond 
  • Examine communication in interpersonal, organizational, cross-cultural, and technological contexts
  • Think critically about how communication shapes, reinforces and intervenes in systemic inequalities, discrimination and injustice
  • Analyze audiences, create messages and interact with individuals and technology
  • Explore the impact of communication on society

Required Courses

24 Credits

Each course is worth 3 credits

  • Introduction to Communication 
  • Introduction to Public Speaking 
  • Intercultural Communication 
  • Interpersonal Communication 
  • Communication Research 
  • Communication Theory 
  • Team Collaboration 
  • Communication Senior Project

Sample Electives 

12 Credits

Each course is worth 3 credits. This list is a sample - there are more options in the bulletin.

  • Health Communication 
  • Race, Class, and Gender in Media 
  • Advanced Communication Research 
  • Strategic Communication 
  • Communication for Social Change and Public Advocacy 
  • Social Media Analytics 

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